Viquerat: A century in the service of elegance and luxury

Founded in 1919 by Ami Viquerat and established in the same year in Clarens-Montreux in Switzerland, Viquerat Décoration & Architecture d’Intérieur has continued to pass on its legacy of interior decoration savoir-faire for almost a century. Jean-Louis Viquerat, who succeeded his father at the end of the 1950s, devoted all his skills to serving an exacting and discerning clientele.

An extensive showroom displaying brand-name furnishings and samples of fabrics and materials opened to the public.

Jean-Louis was committed to decoration that was both modern and timeless, with a respect for tradition.

Selecting luxury brands, cabinetmakers and craftsmen on international markets, he was always sensitive to new trends. He developed the company’s consultancy and luxury interior architecture services.

His son Denis Viquerat took over directing the company at the beginning of the 1990s.

He has grown the business, surrounding himself with a team of designers and interior architects and thus confirming Viquerat in its position as a global interior decoration and interior architecture company.

Large-scale projects, combining interior architecture and luxury interior design, are now carried out in Switzerland and abroad.

A company passionately committed to decoration and to its local and international clientele for more than a century.